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The purchaser shall be obligated to immediately examine the supplied goods as to obvious defects and, in particular, obvious deficiencies or damage, and to notify us thereof in writing without delay but not later than within two (2) weeks from receipt of the goods. The timely mailing of the notice of defect will be decisive for establishing observance of the time limit.

The purchaser shall be obligated to notify us in writing of any non-obvious (hidden) defect after discovery thereof but not later than within the period of limitation pursuant to para. IX. The burden of proof regarding all conditions, in particular, the existence of the defect, the time of ascertainment of the defect and the timely notification of the defect rests with the purchaser.

We will not be liable for any defect if the purchaser fails to give the notices as aforesaid. Specimen of the goods subject to complaint must accompany the notice of defects.

In the event that goods are defective, we reserve the right, at our choice, to remove the defect through subsequent delivery or repair (subsequent performance). In case of subsequent performance, we shall be obligated to bear all expenses necessary for this purpose, in particular, costs of transport, travel, labour and materials unless the same are increased as a result of the fact that the purchased goods have been transported to a place other than the place of destination.

If and when the subsequent performance fails or is impossible or is rejected by us altogether, seriously and finally, or the purchaser cannot reasonably be expected to accept it or a time limit to be fixed by the purchaser for the subsequent performance has not been observed or is not required according to the statutory provisions, the purchaser will be entitled, at its choice, to reduce the purchase price (purchase price reduction) or to rescind the contract (rescission). The purchaser's claim for delivery of faultless goods ceases to exist upon declaration of rescission or assertion of the claim for purchase price reduction. Claims of the purchaser for damages or reimbursement of expenses disbursed in vain are granted only within the framework of para. VIII. hereinafter and are excluded in all other respects.

All claims and rights of the purchaser, for any legal ground whatsoever, will become barred by the statute of limitation one (1) year after delivery of the goods.

The purchaser cannot derive any rights from defects as a result of which the value or the fitness of the goods for the use discernible by us is not impaired or is impaired only insignificantly.

If dates relating to minimum durability are provided by us, the imminent overstepping or the over-stepping thereof after delivery will not provide grounds for giving notice of defects or asserting warranty claims because, by legislative intent, these dates are not expiry dates. This does not apply where the period between delivery and the minimum durability date is less than six (6) weeks.

If and to the extent that we issue mandatory regulations regarding use and storing, all deviations therefrom that are disadvantageous to the purchaser will be the purchaser's responsibility.