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Acerola powder - Fruit powder with vitamin C from acerola.
10 kg

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Dried powder from the acerola cherry – standardised to 34% vitamin C.

Packaging unit: 10kg cardboard box

Benefits & product details

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Benefits & product details of Acerola powder

Natural vitamin C enrichment from the acerola cherry

The acerola cherry, which is native to South America, is known for its high vitamin C content. In dried form,  the superfruit can be used for a variety of purposes:

•  As a natural source of vitamin C, whereby the vitamin C in the fruit is characterised by a higher bioavailability when compared to the isolated, synthetic vitamin E300.
•  As a natural antioxidant with technological effect; vitamin C from acerola is ideally suited for natural positioning, both as an improvement to the properties of dough, but also for the shelf life of meat products.

In comparison to the ascorbic acid E300, vitamin C from acerola also has the advantage that it does not carry an E number and is thus right in line with the clean label trend.

Our light yellow-greenish acerola powder is standardised to a natural 34% vitamin C content and has a slightly tart taste.

Various Health Claims for vitamin C are approved in Europe. These following indications on health are permitted with the proper dosing in the final products:
•  Immune system
•  Healthy bones and joints
•  Heart/cardiovascular health
•  Activity
•  Beauty

Health claims of having health-promoting effects, are possible from a dosage of 15% of the RDA value for vitamin C or above.  We have calculated the required dose of acerola powder for you:
15% RDA --> 0.035 g acerola powder
30% RDA --> 0.071 g acerola powder
50% RDA --> 0.118 g acerola powder

Döhler’s acerola powder is ideal for:
•  Applications in the dietary supplement segment
•  Use as a natural antioxidant in baked goods and meat products
•  Food applications, such as sweets or cereals
•  Powder products with added value, such as protein shakes

Packaging information:
• Quantity: 10kg
• Packaging: Cardboard box

Storage of Acerola powder

• Storage temperature T [°C]: 20°C
• Shelf life (days): 360

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