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TransFast® Broth - Fast enrichment of microorganisms in non-alcoholic beverages

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Broth for the qualitative detection of spoiling microorganisms in non alcoholic beverages in less than 48 hours.

The DMD® product portfolio has been tested referring to the EN ISO 11133 standard. Find out more information.

Benefits & product details

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Benefits & product details of TransFast® Broth

The TransFast® system is the reliable and fast cultural method for the qualitative detection of yeasts, moulds and lactic and acetic acid bacteria in beverages with a pH < 4.5 in less than 48 hours.

While in classic detection, the agar has to be liquefied and poured into Petri dishes, the carrier system for TransFast® is a transparent, pourable gel. The sample pre-enriched in TransFast® Broth is filled into a transparent tube together with the TransFast® Gel and incubated.

Turbid beverages containing juice (fruit content >10%) or beverage compounds and fruit juice concentrates should be incubated in TransFast® Broth, in order to subsequently carry out the detection on TransFast® Gel.

pH value: 6.1 +/- 0.2
Incubation T [°C]: +28
Duration (days): 2

Packaging information
Quantity: 9 x 250ml
Packaging: Glass bottles in cardboard box

Storage of TransFast® Broth

Storage temperature T [°C]: +4-8
Shelf life (months): 36

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